Doing business with the government can be complicated, but the complexity of the contracting process and applicable requirements shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing, winning and profitably performing under government contracts, grants, other transactions,  and agreements. This site, developed and maintained by attorneys in Stinson LLP’s Government Contracts and Investigations Practice Group, is dedicated to helping individuals, companies, and organizations understand key legal and practical considerations for promoting compliance and making better business decisions in these types of federal, state, and local government contracting matters.

Stinson’s Government Contracts and Investigations Practice Group

Pursuing, winning, and successfully performing government contracts, grants, or agreements requires a thorough understanding of the complexities of the government contracting process and applicable law. Our attorneys guide large and small businesses, nonprofit entities and academic institutions through the thicket of procedures and requirements they face when doing business with the government.

With broad and deep experience across the full range of government contracting and funding activities, Stinson attorneys have worked on contract matters at many federal (civilian and defense), state and local governmental agencies and entities throughout the United States. We represent clients in connection with all types of government contracts, grants, agreements and other transactions, as well as USAID, battlefield and contingency contracting matters. Our attorneys advise clients on issues arising during the full life cycle of government contracts, from funding and formation, through administration and termination.

We also represent clients as protesters or intervenors in bid and size protests and appeals, evaluate and prosecute contract issues and changes through informal and formal claims, and dispute processes in litigation and through alternative dispute resolution. Additionally, we advise and represent contractors facing business systems and accounting audits, government investigations, and False Claims Act and whistleblower actions. Attorneys work with clients on compliance program development, training and internal investigations, as well as mandatory and voluntary disclosures, and suspension and debarment matters.

In every case, we take a pragmatic and engaged approach, coupled with first-hand knowledge of both the law and the lore of government contracts, to provide our clients with timely and effective counsel.