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Contractors Should Not Leave Money on the Table: The Federal Circuit Clears the Way for Boeing to Use the Tucker Act to Sue DoD for “Illegal Exaction” in Connection with Contract Costs


In these unprecedented, economically-challenging times for the aviation industry, it is especially important that airlines, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders have an accessible avenue open to them for pursuing reimbursement claims against the federal government arising out of government contracts. In a decision handed down last August, Boeing Co. managed to reverse its fortunes andRead More

Topics: Aviation, Claims and Disputes

Challenging an Agency’s Determination of Urgent and Compelling Need Can be an Uphill Battle


Even when agencies use simplified acquisition procedures, they generally must maximize competition to the extent practicable. There is, however, an exception to this default rule if only one source is reasonably available based on the urgency of requirements or other grounds. Unfortunately, as the recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) decision in Summit Technologies, Inc., B-419126;Read More

Topics: Bid Protests and the Contracting Process

EO Addressing Threat from Securities Investments in Chinese Military Companies


As a preface to this blog, I recently gave a presentation with Nate Picarsic and Emily de la Bruyere at the American Bar Association Public Contract Law Section Fall Procurement Symposium on “China’s Military-Civil Fusion Strategy Supply Chain Implications.” China’s Military-Civil Fusion strategy poses increasing threats to our defense supply chain. Countries and entities aroundRead More

Topics: Supply Chain Risk Management

DOJ Warns Against Travelling with Sensitive Information in Contravention of Export Controls


On November 18, 2020, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that a Chinese national and naturalized citizen of the United States was sentenced to 38 months in prison for travelling to China with unclassified military-related technical information. Wei Sun was employed as an electrical engineer with Raytheon Missiles and Defense for ten years. During thisRead More

Topics: Export Controls, Sanctions and CFIUS

The ABA’s 2020 Public Procurement Symposium


The American Bar Association Public Contract Law Section (PCLS) will be hosting the 2020 Public Procurement Symposium from Wednesday, November 18 to Friday, November 20, 2020. This virtual Symposium will feature industry leaders covering a wide range of hot topics in government contracting, including impacts of COVID-19 on federal contracting, investigations and enforcement matters inRead More

Topics: Acquisition Reform and Emerging Issues